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          Site Notice Suzhou Dengmu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Welcome to the country market distributors, resellers join, investment, Tel: 13915510288!!

          Engraving Machine Products


          Contact Us


          The contact: Mr. Wei
          Mobile phone:13915510288
          Sales calls:0512-67590090

          Unified national customer service
          Showroom address: suzhou city door north street no. 1490
          The factory address 1:615 in suzhou high-tech zone and one\\\'s post to better men 3 factories
          Water strip factory address 2: nanjing jiangning development zone
          Factory address: nanjing LiShui district hong blue zone phoenix road scene
          Email address:leowei@szdengmu.com
          The url:www.wxc-seo.com

          Sale protection

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          Sale protection